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4 Killer Cult Comedies That Deserve Sequels (And Why)

The 1987 Coen brothers classic "Raising Arizona" is a one-of-a-kind comedy.

It can't be remade, updated or in any way embellished. It stands alone, and thankfully, no one has seriously suggested extending the story.


Not all cult comedies fall into the "Arizona" camp. Take "Super Troopers 2." The new comedy continues the saga started in 2001 by the Broken Lizard comedy troupe. The law enforcement follies were a natural fit for a sequel, even if longtime fans walk away disappointed.

The following four cult comedies are similarly open to sequels, even though it hasn't happened yet. See if you agree...

"This Is Spinal Tap"

Let's start by stating the obvious. "Spinal Tap" remains a perfect movie. The film hit theaters before the mockumetary format fully formed, but it nailed the genre all the same. So why revisit the material? It's simple. We're living in the age of aging rockers killing it on tour. These golden oldies can't stop rocking, and they try to look forever young in the process. It opens the door to a whole new set of satirical rock commentaries. Plus, the three "Spinal Tap" "members -- Michael McKean, Harry Shearer and Christopher Guest -- have been reuniting as Tap for years in a variety of ways, including a TV-based "Return of Spinal Tap." It's time for a new mockumentary with ambitions as big as the first film.

"Office Space"

Why revisit this classic? It's simple. The modern workplace is much different than it was waaaaay back in 1999. Office drones visiting Facebook rather than working. Downsizing. Political correctness. Sensitivity training. It begs for a reboot of some kind. Our woke era alone is worth a half dozen gags. Audiences all but ignored the original the first time around. This ... will be different.