Is 'The View' the Dumbest Show on TV?

Naturally, Whoopi Goldberg hinted that America could soon become a freedom-starved home like Cuba, a veiled reference to Donald Trump's inauguration in January. It's always important to slam the GOP on "The View" even while recalling decades of terror under a dictatorial regime outside the U.S.

The hosts even slammed Trump's morally sound reaction to Castro's passing.

Behar then shared details of her recent Cuba visit:

I went to Cuba last April, and it's interesting. I mean, they have 100 percent literacy rate there, so everybody gets a free education. Everybody has top of the line medical care, so everyone's healthy.

Everyone's healthy? Really? Did she tour the whole country? Was her tour sponsored/overseen by government officials? What is her medical expertise, by the way, where she can confirm Cubans get the very best care? Is that why so many Cubans risk their lives on rickety rafts to escape?

The nation's exceptional medical care for all is a big, fat lie. Shame on Behar for believing the state-run media line.

This isn't an isolated incident. When "The View" tackles politics it makes both liberals and conservatives wince. Remember how the hosts mangled the true stories behind President Bill Clinton's alleged sexual victims?

Shouldn't feminists start targeting this show? It's rare to have a female-centered show like this on television, and yet day after day the women display a lack of knowledge that's, well, embarrassing.