Is 'The View' the Dumbest Show on TV?

Want to get a quick brain boost? Watch "The View," the long-running, syndicated chat fest. You're bound to feel better about your educational status after a few of the show's patented political debates.

This week, "The View" discussed the death of Fidel Castro. You can practically predict where this is going without watching a single frame:

  • Unabashed Obama defense
  • A clear lack of knowledge on the subject
  • Turning the death of a dictator into a Trump-bashing session.

If you guessed all three ... congratulations!

The show's hosts mostly defended President Obama's toothless statement concerning Castro's death, one that didn't dare mention any of the vile truths of his reign.

Jedidiah Bila, the lone "conservative" on the show, looked ill.

"I'm nauseated," Bila said.

A confused Joy Behar blurted out, "Why?"

"You're talking about a mass murderer," Bila responded. "You're talking about a guy who imprisoned people, who put gay people in jail.... When I see 'countless ways in which Fidel Castro altered the course of individuals' lives,' yeah, by killing them."

Who let her on the show?

Goldberg said Obama's statement had to be bland in order to prop up the newly opened lines of communication between the countries. The very lines that will greatly benefit Cuba and do far less for U.S. interests beyond vacationing Americans.

Kowtowing to Obama is what the show does best, though.