How to Keep Your Handgun if a Thug Is Trying to Take It

4. Shoot if necessary.

Once you have broken free from his grip, aim your gun at the attacker and shoot if necessary. (Legally you cannot shoot if he runs away at this point; he would no longer be a threat.) If you shoot, shoot him into the ground. Aim for center mass.  One shot will probably not end the threat. Once he is on the ground, cease firing.

In this video, police officer Richard Nance shows us how this is done:

What if I have already been sufficiently threatened, drawn my pistol, and somehow the enemy lunges for my gun and grabs it? You can be taken by surprise. Sure, you can just pull the trigger and shoot him, but what if he is pushing the weapon away from his body? Now if you shoot you may hit innocent people. What do you do now?

Again, Officer Nance and the good people at have supplied us with a great training video. This technique will work.

1. Hit him with the pistol.

Rather than getting in a "push/pull" battle royale with the bad guy, pull back and then DRIVE your pistol straight into his gut. Lunge in with great force and determination. Hit him with the pistol.

2. Get the gun free.

Then rapidly jerk back on the gun, twisting it and pulling it free.

3. Retreat at an angle.

Try to retreat at an angle ("get off the X") away from him. Shoot him into the ground if necessary.

Here is how it's done:

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