5 Safety Tips for Getting Pulled Over While Carrying a Concealed Firearm

3. Calmly ask for instructions.

While you are taking a minute to get your identification together, the officer is running your plates on his computer. In Ohio, the cop knows, even before he walks up to your car, if you are a CCW licensee or not.

However, you still have to obey the following rules: As the officer approaches, you tell him, "I have a CCW license, officer. It is right here in my hands, and I have my firearm on me. Do you have any instructions for me, sir?" The officer will approach cautiously, with a hand right on his gun.

He will ask you, "It's on you right now?" "Yes sir." "Where is it on you?" You should tell him exactly — WITHOUT moving your hands at all. You should keep them both stuck out the window, or you can keep both hands firmly on the steering wheel the whole time. It doesn't matter -- the law only says that they must clearly be in plain sight at all times. For good measure, you should ask again if he has any instructions for you.

4. Follow all lawful orders.

Now is not the time to argue with the officer. If he asks you to step out of the car, you do so carefully, with your hands in plain sight. If they confiscate your gun from you (and they may), in Ohio they must return it to you at the end of the stop "in the condition in which it was seized," so long as you have done nothing illegal.

If you have an issue with anything the officer has done, take it up with an attorney. You are NOT going to win an argument with that police officer who has pulled you over. You want to go home that day. The officer does too.

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