Meet Barnacle: The Giant Parking Ticket You Can't Ignore

Check out this video which demonstrates the Barnacle in action - and even coins a new word: "barnacled."

Enforcement authorities in Salt Lake City, Ft. Lauderdale, and Allentown, Pennsylvania are already using the Barnacle, and naturally, Ideas That Stick want to expand their product into as many jurisdictions as possible.

Ideas That Stick took their invention to the National Parking Association trade show in Atlanta, as the company chronicled on their Facebook page. Naturally, the trolls followed online - including one in particular who claims to be able to beat the device.

Let's face it: Barnacle is a bittersweet invention, because it's a testament to American free enterprise in action, but at the same time it allows government to be in your business in yet another way. But regardless of which side you come down on, good for Dougherty and the rest of the folks at Ideas That Stick for creating a more efficient and innovative way to solve the dilemma of parking enforcement.