SJWs and Leftists Are Going to Have to Face the Wrath of Future Artists

At this year's Emmy Awards, Jeffrey Tambor, who took home the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, used the platform to confess that he hopes that he's the "last cisgender male to play a female transgender on television."

Setting aside Tambor's hypocrisy (I mean, if he really meant what he said, he'd resign so that a "female transgender" could step into the role), it's understandable why the veteran actor felt the need to pay homage to the new god of inclusivity. This past year, SJW hero Mark Ruffalo found himself in the rhetorically violent crosshairs of the very people who used to champion him. Unforgivably, Ruffalo committed the leftist cardinal sin of casting a gay man in the role of a transgender person.

The very concept of acting is predicated on the belief that talented storytellers can embody and empathize with people who are dissimilar to them. At the rate we're going, acting is going to mean "playing somebody exactly like you." In other words, actors are eventually only going to be allowed to play themselves - literally, themselves.

When the first actor Thespis first stepped out of the Greek Chorus in the mid-sixth century BC, the audiences were scandalized that an individual would deign to portray another person. We're now going in the opposite direction of Thespis, who risked his freedom (if not his life) in the service of his art.

On a personal level, a director that I've worked with found himself in hot water for not casting a deaf person in a play at Theatre Cedar Rapids. The play, Tribes, contains a deaf character, and the theatre did its due diligence to find a deaf actor. That didn't stop activists from the deaf community from demonizing a small theatre in middle-America. Thankfully, the theatre's artistic director stood by the casting and issued a very thoughtful explanation. However, in the current milieu that absurdly now demonizes plays that were once considered paragons of feminist thought, the attempted artistic oppression in Cedar Rapids will be the norm and eventually the rule of law.

As the oppression of the freedom of thought strengthens, true artists are going to begin to feel artistically choked. If the history of art holds true, future artistic heirs of the likes of Allen Ginsberg, Eve Ensler, and Thespis will be born. Blows will be struck, the dam constructed by today's progressives with the intent to provide safe-spaces while protecting against microaggressions will begin to crack, and the ensuing flood of free thought will wash away the stain of leftist oppression. Future audiences will laugh in derision as plays, books, music, et al. scornfully eviscerate the leftist totalitarians of today. Future art is not going to deal kindly with today's liberals.