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The 7 Most Overrated TV Shows of the Last 20 Years

6. "Lost"

I have to admit, I was a fan of "Lost," even though I didn't get hooked on the show until the middle of the third season. The story of plane crash survivors on a mysterious island took viewers on a six-season ride full of twists and turns, flashbacks and flash forwards, with terrific acting and smart writing. It truly became appointment television, because fans couldn't wait to see what happened next.

Alas, "Lost" collapsed under the weight of its own mythology, and the head-scratching ending left some fans who had devoted six seasons of their lives to the show a bit underwhelmed. One fan (whom you'll meet at the bottom of this page) said that "Lost" "isn't about the story; it's about how the story is told." Unfortunately, an unsatisfying ending left some devotees disappointed with the story itself. And that's how a show you love can still be overrated.

Here's a decent recap of the entire history of the show in three minutes from the fan whose quote I borrowed: