Feeling Yucky? Google Thinks It Knows What's Wrong With You.

An app for health emergencies.

Now that most of us carry smartphones, there’s an app for protecting us in a health emergency. The SOS QR app from Humetrix allows you to store important medical information on an Android or iPhone, such as health conditions, allergies, immunizations, and medications, and makes it available to any medical professional in an emergency. The free app, designed by medical doctors, creates a QR code that can be saved on your lock screen, as well as printed on stickers that can be applied to other items to make it readily visible. When scanned your information is retrieved.

The app’s Pro version ($9.99) adds a one-touch SOS button that alerts your emergency contacts when you need help.

The app works in one of five languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin Chinese), depending on phone’s setting. In addition, when the QR code is scanned, SOS QR automatically generates email auto-alerts to your listed contacts, with a map with the location of the emergency. An OK button can also be used to alert your friends that you are ok in a disaster scenario.

If you have an Apple watch, the app appears on the dial and becomes an alert system. You can call your primary emergency contact with a tap on the watch and speak with the person directly. And if you press the app’s SOS button, it will also send a message with the exact GPS location to all of your designated emergency contacts.