6 Things You Can Do to Disarm the Shooter if You're Ever Involved in an Orlando-Style Attack

The Orlando massacre on June 11 shows us (again) that ISIS and its jihadist sympathizers strike targets where the vast majority of people are unarmed. This makes sense if you are a bloodthirsty killer. You want to attack targets where you are reasonably sure that people won't fight back.

I am a CCW (Carrying a Concealed Weapon) instructor in my home state, so I can certainly see the value in American citizens obtaining firearms, learning gun safety, training in accurate shooting, and carrying their pistol wherever and whenever they can. You are NOT helpless.  You CAN fight back.  We are at war, after all.

Of course, in some places it is illegal to carry, like bars. Obviously, you don't want people who are consuming alcohol to be packing a loaded gun. In such situations it would make sense to have armed guards present. That would be the best-case scenario for that situation. However, the terrorist, Omar Mateen, shot his way into the Pulse bar, while shooting down the off-duty police officer who was guarding the entrance. Once inside he was free to spray the area with bullets, while patrons went for cover.

People have asked me, "Couldn't someone have tackled him and disarmed him?" I don't know. Since I was not there, I do not know if anyone was close enough and had the presence of mind to attempt such a move. Imagine a scene: the noise, the carnage, the darkness, the confusion of people affected by alcohol. It is terrifying to say the least.

However, if ... if someone were to try to disarm someone with a rifle (or shotgun or even a pistol), bear in mind that it is highly risky and your chances of survival are slim. (But you may think that if you don't try, more will be killed.) If you are going to do this, here are the things you must know and must do:

1. You must be within range.

Common sense will tell you that if you are more than arm's length away, you will not be able to disarm the attacker. You will have to get close to stop him or her.

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