6 Tips for Reducing Airport Security Hassles

Lush Solid Hair Conditioner - Image Courtesy of Amazon.

2. Opt for solid alternatives to liquids.

TSA has asked us to use “travel sized” (precisely 3.4 oz. or smaller) amounts of liquids such as soap, lotion, creams, and shampoo. All of that needs to be in one quart-sized clear plastic bag that we have to dig out and put in a separate bin to be x-rayed -- a lot of hassle for basic necessities while traveling. However, there are solid alternatives to all those items. In fact, on a recent trip my wife and I took to Florida, neither of us had a single bottle of liquid. All the soap we had was in solid form, including the shampoo and hair conditioner. All of it came from my wife’s favorite soap company, Lush, which makes solid-form soaps (Amazon conveniently sells Lush products). There are many other alternatives, you just have to look for them.

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