This Surprising Piece of Advice Could Save Your Life if There's a Cataclysmic Event

In the real world, churches tend to not only survive tragedy -- and even persecution -- they rise to the occasion and thrive. But if we go the way of Europe and continue down the road of becoming a post-Christian nation, our future looks terribly bleak in the event of a long-term catastrophic event in the United States. We could indeed expect to experience anarchy and the collapse of our government and our communities.

I highly recommend Carafano's book. It's packed full of great practical advice about disaster preparedness -- how much water you should store, what to do in a wildfire, how to protect yourself from a dirty bomb. I realized even before I finished reading the introduction that our family is woefully unprepared for a disaster and we will use the book to create a plan so that we are not caught off guard in the event of an emergency.

But I think the best advice in the book is worth repeating: "Being connected to a faith-based organization could well be critical for staying alive when nature or men do their worst."

If you're not involved in a church, or if you've been away for a while, this is one more reason to reconsider that decision (Christians friends, the Bible commands us not to forsake the "assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some").

I believe that meeting spiritual needs, beginning with the need for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is as important as taking care of physical needs, because it's something that has eternal consequences. With that end in mind, I recommend finding a gospel-centered church that is more than a social club or a weekly motivational seminar. If things get rough and the unthinkable happens, you're going to need something a lot more theologically substantive than a speech about your "best life now" to get you through. As an added bonus you will find a community that may one day help to save your life if there's a catastrophic event.