Entertainers Have Shorter Lifespans

My beef is that they present themselves as healthy and speak as such, yet I would suggest that few of them are truly the paragon of female health. Because despite having an arsenal of professional advisors and unlimited resources and products at the ready, entertainers are still at greater risk for reduced life expectancy.

Perhaps holding the line of unachievable beauty coupled with willingness to do anything to remain youthful may bear some blame. This would include Kim Kardashian’s recent admission that she’s cut back on smiles to avoid wrinkles.  Someone please explain to her that smiling increases one’s health and beauty while being smug does not. (A brief article on the inward and outward benefits of smiling can be viewed here.)

A study of 1,000 obituaries in New York City between 2009 and 2011 showed that on average, entertainers (including actors, singer, dancers, musicians and athletes) live nearly six years less than people with business, military, and political careers. This was surprising as I previously associated the latter professions with higher stress levels and consequently less than optimal health.