Ultimate Classic Rock Got It All Wrong: Here's a True Ranking of the Beatles' Albums from Worst to First



The folks over at Ultimate Classic Rock published their ranking of the Beatles' albums a couple of weeks ago. God bless them, they tried, but they got it all wrong. So I'm here to set them straight with my ranking. Enjoy!

13. Yellow Submarine (1969)

#13 on UCR's list

Yellow Submarine is really only half a Beatles album -- the other side is George Martin's score for the lackluster animated film. Even the half that belongs to the Fab Four contains only four original songs joined by two tunes that appeared earlier. The Yellow Submarine soundtrack really only has value to hardcore Beatles fans.

12. Beatles for Sale (1964)

#12 on UCR's list

You can tell on Beatles for Sale that the demands of Beatlemania had taken their toll on John, Paul, George, and Ringo. The weary, somber faces on the cover and the tunes produced on the quick within demonstrate how weary the Fab Four must been at that time. Even though a subpar Beatles album beats most any other artist any day, Beatles For Sale is a noticeable drop from "A Hard Day's Night," which preceded this album by a mere 21 weeks.

11. Please Please Me (1963)

#10 on UCR's list

Here is the beginning of the Fab Four in all their sweaty, frenetic glory. Soulful, immediate, and exciting, Please Please Me shows the promise of so many great things to come. It's easy to see how Great Britain -- and the rest of the world soon after -- would succumb to the charms of the lads from Liverpool.