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Concert Review: Kate Bush Live in London

She's obscure in the United States, but both Tori Amos and Lady Gaga have claimed her as an influence. Shy without being the least bit self-conscious, her musical persona is idiosyncratic, ethereal, bewitching, and unclassifiably bonkers, a hammy mix of theatrical, dance, and mime-influenced performance easy to ridicule but which has compelled and fascinated two generations of fans.

Prodigy Bush had been writing and performing for years before her first album The Kick Inside in 1978. Bush (politely, no doubt) fought her record company to release "Wuthering Heights" as the first single, which cut like a velvet carving knife through the grimy punk and sterile new wave of the time and spent four weeks at #1.

I snagged a golden ticket for one of Bush's month's worth of instantly sold-out shows at the Eventim Apollo in the London neighborhood of Hammersmith. The three-hour, 25-song extravaganza, comprising two song cycles, attracted an attentive theatre-type crowd, who watched a fittingly theatrical performance divided into two acts.