11 Disturbing Things I've Learned About the 'Freebirth' Movement

3. Limited Access to Home Birth Midwives

Home birth midwives come in different forms: certified nurse midwives (CNMs), certified professional midwives (CPMs) and lay midwives. Each type of midwife has its own set of qualifications and regulations surrounding the kind of care they can give per state. Some states, like Missouri, have in the past made it exceedingly impossible for home birth midwives to operate legally. Without access to licensed midwives, women in rural areas or in states with exceeding amounts of regulations against midwifery turn to unassisted birth. Unfortunately, most insurance companies refuse to cover the services of home birth midwives, leaving women to fight an uphill battle for a "gap exemption" or simply pay thousands of dollars out of pocket for the birth they want.

Up until this point, I think I've been pretty charitable. Here's where I stop.