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Whatever Happened to Our Top 10 Favorite Tiger Beat Cover Boys From the 1970s?

10. Vincent Van Patten


Vincent Van Patten, son of actor Dick Van Patten, appeared in numerous TV movies and miniseries throughout the 1970s including BonanzaThe High ChaparralMedical CenterAdam-12The Courtship of Eddie's FatherWonder Woman, and The Bionic Boy. He also spent time as a professional tennis player who once defeated John McEnroe and two other top ten ranked pros to win the Seiko World Super Tennis tournament in Tokyo. In 1982 he reached a career high ranking of No. 26.

Where is he now?

Vince Van Patten has made a name for himself on the high-roller poker circuit. He was a top finisher at the 2010 World Series of Poker main event, taking home winnings totaling $27,519. He was also a commentator for the World Poker Tour for nine seasons. Van Patten has been the face of Milwaukee's Potawatomi Bingo Casino as well as the World Poker Room at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. He also co-wrote a novel with Robert Randisi called The Picasso Flop about... poker.

Van Patten is now 56-years old and he's been married twice. The first marriage was to Betty Russell from 1989 - 2001 and produced two children. Van Patten has been married to Eileen Davidson since 2003. They have one child together.