Seth Rogen's 10 Best Movies

10. Kung Fu Panda (2008)

Rogen does the voice of the praying mantis master in this fun, entertaining, action movie-disguised as a kids movie. It was one of three family films that came out that year with his voice work.

In the above promo clip for the sequel Rogen notes how the Panda isn't just voiced by Jack Black but the character takes in his whole personality. That's the main reason why the movie's more in the B-range for me instead of an A. I've never been a Jack Black fan. His manic comic persona -- which seems to just be variations off of his break-out role in High Fidelity -- has always struck me as too obnoxious for large dosages. (Though his recent film Bernie was a more encouraging turn away from his usual.)

I like Rogen's more laid back, clever, eager persona more.