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Surely, I'm Not the Only One Who Overdosed on Star Wars and Star Trek

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Requiem for a Trekkie... Part 1/3...

A post shared by Thoth, Ma'at & Husky Familiar (@thothandmaatmarried) on

10261236_848699701811640_885247274_n I used to fall asleep to the scene in "Empire Strikes Back" where Luke meets Yoda for the first time. After moving to Indiana in fifth grade my fandom in Star Wars would form one of the cornerstones of friendship with my best friend, an ever loyal, perpetually trustworthy soul who would someday stand as the Best Man at my wedding. Likewise with "Star Trek," scenes and lines are like flashbacks to a more innocent time when a shared understanding of the universe's strange languages and speculations could enable endless debate and shared adventure.