5 Things You Should Know About the Latest Military Jihadist


4. Conversion to Islam can be hazardous to your health.

Muhammad Abdullah Hassan wrote this on his Facebook page on March 15:

Oh those of the ummah of the Prophet Muhammad(S). I will soon be leaving you forever so goodbye! I am going to wage jihad and hopes that i die. I want to be with my lord so bad that I cry but I will miss you guys I am not going to lie. I wish I could give you guys more but I am just a guy who is so very poor. I am telling you I am so broke that my pockets are sore:) I cannot wait to go the Prophet Muhammad’s(S) door and prank Isa bin Maryam and party so hard that it will rock Jannah to its core. Only Allah knows what the future has in store so that should make you fear Allah much much more.

Hassan hoped to die. This accords with the Qur’an’s statement that Allah’s favored people should long for death: “Say (O Muhammad): O ye who are Jews! If ye claim that ye are favoured of Allah apart from (all) mankind, then long for death if ye are truthful” (62:6). Accordingly, Islamic supremacists frequently affirm how much they love death. A Muslim child preacher taunted Jews: “Oh Zionists, we love death for the sake of Allah, just as much as you love life for the sake of Satan.” Jihad mass murderer Mohamed Merah said that he “loved death more than they loved life.” Nigerian jihad murder mastermind Abubakar Shekau said: “I’m even longing for death, you vagabond.”

Afghan jihadist Maulana Inyadullah crowed: “The Americans love Pepsi-Cola, we love death.”