4 Surprises from the Academy Awards


4. Political statements didn't take to the forefront like they have in past years.

It seems like, year in and year out, one left-leaning cause or another gets shoved down our throats at the Oscars. This year, we didn't see quite as many political moments, which was particularly surprising considering the subject matter of many of the nominated films.

Best Supporting Actor winner Jared Leto did make mention of the crises in Ukraine and Venezuela in his speech, while both he and fellow Dallas Buyers Club winners Adruitha Lee and Robin Mathews, who won for hair and makeup, spoke of the AIDS crisis, as though it were 1985 all over again.

But those moments were few and far between. Even host DeGeneres chose to steer clear of terribly topical jokes, even in light of the growing debate over same-sex marriage. This year's only cause ribbons (pictured above) honored the petition to include camera assistant Sarah Jones in the In Memoriam segment. The largely apolitical nature of the ceremony made for a refreshing change to some years' heavy political bent.