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The 4 Big Lies That Ruined The X-Men Movie Franchise

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2. Gays are reviled in contemporary society.

It's pretty hard to be gay in the Muslim world, but you won't find the X-Men movies or any other Hollywood production making that argument.

The 2006 third installment of the series, X-Men: The Last Stand, was metaphorically a vigorous defense of the alternative lifestyles of the film's cast of mutants -- did you think it was a coincidence that the last stand happens in San Francisco?

But in order to make this case the film had to invent dastardly anti-mutant politicians, scientists and soldiers who vilified our heroes and tried to blast them with a substance that would cure them of being mutants. These days, of course, you hardly hear a word from any politico about homosexuality unless it's from a supporter waving a rainbow flag, so it’s a little disingenuous of the X-Men movies to pretend that gays are a besieged and hated minority.

Gay director Bryan Singer, who helmed the first two movies, told the BBC, semi-jokingly, that the films’ gay subtext was important:

I could think of no better place to spill out one's own personal problems and foist them onto the world.

Liberal reviewers loved the gay angle.