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How the Sex Pistols Made History by Lying About It

Add to that England's pernicious class system, in which the way you pronounced certain letters of the alphabet determined your fate (see, "Strummer, Joe," above), plus the lingering physical and psychosocial after-affects of post-war rationing, and you do indeed have all the ingredients to build a (metaphorical) bomb.

Except to this day, very few veteran punks will admit the unavoidably obvious fact that these conditions flourished under the political party they did, and mostly still do, support unconditionally:


Punk too often tells its own story using jangly montages of (now) cliched images of police with truncheons and that "evil" Conservative Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.


Thatcher was elected, by a landslide, after The Sex Pistols broke up.

Her election concludes the Clash movie Rude Boy, it doesn't open it.