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Mix Soviet Posters with American Pin-ups, Get 2014 Olympics Calendar


According to Tarusov, his calendar became "super famous in Russia," resulting in a solid week of TV reporters crowding his apartment. This prompted him to create the English version, too.

The young Russian's love affair with American pin-ups started long before this recent success. In 2012, he created a humorous Apocalypse Tomorrow Calendar with sexy babes in various stages of getting undressed against the background of alien invasion, global warming, zombies, global cooling, and other similarly improbable scenarios. Last year he issued The Fridays of the 2013 calendar with imaginary posters of made-up horror movies starring classic Hollywood actresses.

And four years ago we reported on an even more hilarious series of pin-up/agitprop posters, also published as a 2010 calendar by another Russian illustrator, Valery Barykin.