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How Sex-Trafficking Redefines the Battle for Social Justice


"As [human trafficking] issue has gone mainstream in conservative Christianity, politicians have begun working it into their speeches and legislative agendas. Shortly after his aides discussed it in early 2012, Obama gave a shout-out to anti-trafficking efforts at the National Prayer Breakfast, praising young Christians who “worship the God who sets the captives free and work to end modern slavery.” And just weeks before the election, at the Clinton Global Initiative, Obama spoke at length about the issue, in remarks that one adviser called “the longest speech on slavery of any president since Abraham Lincoln.”

While the Obama administration may see this as an opportunity to steal away young evangelical support, I see this as a way to redefine "Social Justice."

Although in an interview with The Christian Post, Pastor Giglio said it was pointless to pit social justice against the culture war, when as he put it, "young people are simply concerned about using their lives to elevate the lives of others."

Living as a follower of Christ is about bringing hope to the hopeless. Abolishing slavery is doing just that in real time. However, it makes me wonder if he's worried that the mud, disgrace and usual stigma smeared on social conservatives of the past will taint this movement.

He has a valid concern. It's hard to think of one real battle in the culture war we've actually won. However, this generation gives me hope. Their aim is to make a difference -- not just make a point.

An authentic Christian life--to follow Jesus--means they are entering into dangerous territory. Jesus said in Matthew 10:16,

"I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves." New International Version

The sheep believe that justice is served when evil individuals that do unspeakable deeds and destroy lives are captured.They also are young enough not to recognize the wolves dressed in sheep clothing.

These courageous sheep are hunting wolves that rip the voices out of children and devour their innocence. While they are focused and driven, they must be aware that there are wolves of a different color with a repugnant underbelly as well. These wolves steal faith and virtue and twist justice into their own image.

For them, "social justice" is a pretty fleece to cover an ideology that seeks only to demonize capitalism. It does not free any one person--ever. Instead it seeks to enslave everyone into one economic class. Their vision is not a world free of human slavery, but a world where everyone is equally enslaved. The savior they serve is government. Not a just God.

This generation is willing to risk their lives for social justice. So let's define it clearly.