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Ignorance Of Dietary Laws Is No Excuse. You'll Still Suffer The Consequences.


Have you ever heard a child say "I can't wait until I grow up so I can do whatever I want."? You may have said it yourself or at least thought it.

What an irony. When you think about it, at no other time in our lives than childhood do we have more real freedom. Our days are spent in self-indulgence, playing, learning and growing into who we are meant to be. At least, that's how it's supposed to go.

Children tend to bristle under rules, testing their validity usually by breaking them to see if consequences will follow. Some of mine bucked up against them on a daily basis. In a child's eyes, adults make the rules. Their narrow view of life makes incapable of understanding the multitude of laws adults abide everyday.

Since most traffic laws are color-coded, children catch on to what means stop and what means go fairly quick. When the rambunctious toddler doing the back-car seat driving squeals to "Go faster!" the sign along the side of the road or the police car you just passed, makes a good visual aid for explaining the law you are currently trying to follow.

However, not all laws are as visual or as well enforced. A society runs on a host of laws. There are moral laws, social and criminal laws. All must be followed, the extent to which they are written or enforced does not, in any way, negate the law.

The same goes for dietary laws. Our heavenly Father put them in place. I don't believe they are meant for our salvation, but for our health and happiness. Much the same way we as parents place rules in our homes for our own children.

Being our human condition lends us with a natural bent toward rebellion, most of us would prefer to roll the dice on our health. Then when the consequences -- such as pounds or a frightening diagnosis -- we cling to the newest fad diet hoping it will serve as a get out of jail free card.