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The Civil Wars: The Power of Music and the Hope of Restoration

The Civil Wars

Yet she is quick to point out that The Civil Wars is not a document of the band's split:

The record is not a ripped out journal page, there's still a lot of art and metaphor used in the record, but there is also real life woven into it, so it's all strung throughout and I think you can hear the authenticity within that.

At the end of the interview, Ragogna asks Williams where she wants to see herself and the band in a year's time:

It's so hard to forecast the future, so I won't try to. But I will say that in my heart of hearts, I believe in the power of forgiveness, but it takes two. John Paul and I both burnt the bridges between us, so there's no finger-pointing in what I'm saying right now. I really do hope there can be a chance to have a dialog that might allow for the band to really reconnect and set about to what we really do best, which is make music. So I would love to see that happen in the next year and in the mean time, I'm still playing my husband's grandmother's piano out in the back half of our home and I think being creative will also be a part of my next year, so I can keep that muscle strong. I hope in the next year that my son learns to speak in full sentences and I'll be chasing him around parks and that my husband and I will be stronger for having gone through another year of living life together and being co-parents together and navigating this adventure known as life together. So I guess what I'm saying is restoration and family. That's probably what I would say I hope for in the next year.

Restoration. As a fan of The Civil Wars, I can't help but be encouraged by hearing Williams' desire to reunite with White. I know I'm not alone in hoping and praying that these two will overcome their differences and make beautiful music for years to come.