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Wedding Rehashers? No, 5 Reasons Why The Internship Is No Wedding Crashers

2. Mergingallyourdialoguetogetherintonegiantworddoesntnecessarilybringlaughs.

But just as bad news doesn’t get better with age, bad lines don’t sound good just because you spew them at high velocity. Here Vaughn’s habit of sputtering nonsense is, as it was in The Watch, flustered and desperate rather than cool. It’s embarrassing. It’s like watching a guy with Tourette’s try to ask a girl out on a date. Weirdly enough, though, as fast as Vaughn’s tongue moves, the movie is really long and slow. Part of the reason: The Internship is formula-based and predictable, which means you always know where it’s going. But it also has a real problem keeping the action moving.