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Every American Needs to Read Books to Understand Islam

Among the revisions I have decided to make to my Radical Reading Regimen in addition to adding the 3 titles notated above:

1. Always read multiple books at once, across a variety of disciplines, from nonfiction history and science to novels and strange satire. Do not get hung up on exclusively fiction or non-fiction. Also read poetry and scripts.

Read both great works supporting ideas you agree with and the propaganda manuals of your political and ideological opponents.

2. Group these various interests together into 7 categories and then assign each to a day of the week. 

For me these are: Good vs Evil, Media & Technology, Art & Counterculture, 20th Century Conservative Political Philosophy, Biographies and Memoirs of Extraordinary Individuals, the Alchemical Marriage of Science and Spirituality, and the history of Judeo-Christian Civilization.

3. Make these into 7 literal piles of books, one for each day, and then use them to guide the day's reading. 

And it's still fine to use e-readers too -- I like having Witness and Atlas Shrugged side by side on my iPad -- but do actually have physical reminders that you should be reading.

4. Find at least 2 excerpts every day that are worth sharing to get other people's opinions; feature both of these as photographs on Instagram and then transform them into blog posts.

For me these will be the fodder for PJ Lifestyle Daily Question, but others could use excerpts for different purposes at their own blogs. If you find more than 2 great excerpts for the day then select the 2 that are most interesting for blog posts, scheduling at least one in advance.

5. Since you are aiming for at least 2 excerpts per day, focus on only 2 books per day.

I have to make sure that I actually finish the books I start. So I'm going to limit myself to assigning only 2 books from each pile for daily reading and excerpting.

6. Instead of using a calendar on the iPad for daily recording of progress as originally planned, notate progress once a week using an image in Adobe Photoshop. At the end of 13 weeks see how much progress you made and analyze the record of your progress.

This is the equivalent of only weighing myself weekly instead of daily. As a corollary I will do as Charlie Martin does -- one blog post per week to notate my progress, in the more informal, bloggy diary style that he does and that I'm sort of doing my own variation of with these pieces. In the future I'll aim for Tuesdays for these posts. Perhaps if I create drafts of the posts in advance of when they're to be published I will be more likely to stick to the schedule of publishing them then...