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13 Weeks: Is Health a Thing of the Spirit?

As a child prodigy, I'd learned that being exceptional in something was barely good enough, and that merely acting like an eight year old when you are an eight year old was a horrible failure -- if you were an eight year old taking college classes. As a fat kid, I'd learned that I was disgusting and weird. As a nerdy kid, I'd learned I was disgusting and weird, and heard too often that really smart people went crazy. I learned that if you get a bike for your sixth birthday and don't learn to ride it quickly enough, it becomes your brother's bike, and I learned that if you are learning to hit a baseball and hit one so well the ball is lost, you don't get another ball or another lesson.

I learned to think that to be acceptable meant to be perfect, and I learned that it was hopeless because I could never remain perfect in anyone's eyes for very long.

Well, in the last 26 weeks, I've learned that while not perfect, I have been useful; and I've learned that when I help other people with their problems, it helps me too.

So here's the plan. I'm asking you-all, all my readers who are inclined to try to improve their health, lose weight, start exercising -- or improve yourself in other ways, like with Dave Swindle's 13 week reading program or Sarah Hoyt's 13 week novel-writing program -- to come out about it and make your own 13 week experiment.  I'll do what I can to help. Tell me what tools you think are useful, and what tools you wish you had. (For example, I'm thinking about a web site where you can track your own 13 week experiment and potentially share it with others -- or not.) What do you find easy? What do you find hard?

Do you feel, as I do down deep, that being fat is a moral failing, that having diabetes is not just a disease but a fault?

Date7 day Weight7 day Glucose7 day BodyfatSum Fitocracy PointsWeekly Fitocracy Points
2013-03-28270.57113.8630.26% (??)8180499
2013-04-04271.31103.8629.95% (??)8404224
2013-04-11275.20109.5729.80% (??)9185781
Δ since 2-1-1.33-0.57(??)%N/AN/A