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Orland Park Public Library Calls Police 5 Times on Critics but Fails to Report Sex Offenders

Weimar to McCarthy redacted

Since I discovered the open viewing of pornography at the Orland Park Public Library (OPPL) in the Chicago area, many strange things have occurred including assaults on my credibility and character. It began with the bizarre claim that my children weren't with me in the library and has now progressed to the malicious use of the police to silence me. In this installment I will show how an elected board and public library district is abusing its power to intimidate and quiet all criticism while at the same time refusing to use their authority to go after the real criminals who have committed sex acts in the library.

1. October 8th, 2013: Mary Weimar sends an email to Tim McCarthy, Chief of Police of Orland Park, asking him to investigate two videos on my YouTube channel. One of them is a song I wrote about the 2nd amendment.

Contrast this effort to involve the police for no cause, to the reluctance to call police on October 23, 2008 when a patron reported a man masturbating in the library. Police were not involved on that occasion and in fact, the person who complained was moved to another computer station.

2. October 23, 2013 James Fessler called the police and claimed he was being harassed by phone calls and "annoying emails."

In order to tie his critics to the phony phone calls and "annoying" emails and bulk up the false reports against library critics with the police, Fessler named Kevin DuJan and me as "subjects" of his concern despite there being no link to either of us and any of the "annoying" things happening to him. One of his complaints detailed that someone had sent this satirical picture to him.

This picture so upset Fessler he felt the need to call the police to report that someone had sent it to him. In the investigation that Fessler insisted the police conduct at considerable cost to the taxpayers over "annoying emails" and amateur prank calls, they found that "John Jenkins" was sending missives from somewhere in Crown Point, Indiana and that other emails were coming from another unnamed man unconnected to DuJan or myself. The "harassing" phone calls were not traced to anyone. Fessler was not charged with making a nuisance call to police.

For contrast, note that on August 20, 2009 police were not notified about a man who was "fully exposed" and masturbating in the computer lab. Further the staff notified the perpetrator that he would be asked to leave on the second occurrence.