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Orland Park Public Library Calls Police 5 Times on Critics but Fails to Report Sex Offenders

3. November 4th, 2013 Kevin DuJan and I went to the library to hand out flyers alerting patrons to the dangers of unfiltered computers and the number of sex crimes that occurred in the library over the last decade.

While we were there, news crews showed up to find out what the fuss was all about (and they all proceeded to butcher the story until it was unrecognizable.) While handing out flyers, Weimar and Bridget Bittman, library spokesperson, demanded we leave the premises "immediately" because practicing actual free speech is against library policy. When we refused to leave, they called the police for help.

People handing out flyers were threatening enough to call 911 but on October 28, 2010 a teenager rubbing his genitals in front of a child was not enough of a threatening situation to call the police.