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Conan O’Brien Discovers: Muslim Polygamy Is No Joke


Polygamy devalues women, reducing them to the status of commodities, and stands as an affront to their equality with men as human beings. But none of the enlightened Leftists condemning Conan O’Brien for his little joke would dare speak out for the Muslim women who suffer in polygamous arrangements; to do so would be “Islamophobic,” “racist,” and probably “gross.”

This strange stigmatizing of those who speak out against what is manifestly a legitimate human rights issue is testimony to the effectiveness of the global campaign that Islamic supremacist groups have been carrying out for years to deflect attention away from the reality of Islamic jihad, and to clear away obstacles standing in the way of that jihad. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the largest voting bloc at the United Nations, has for years been pressing at the UN for resolutions criminalizing criticism of Islam. It routinely ignores how Islamic jihadists quote the Qur’an and invoke Muhammad to justify violence and terrorism, but cries “Islamophobia” when non-Muslims quote those jihadis quoting the Qur’an and invoking Muhammad.

They want to fool people into thinking that non-Muslim “Islamophobes” are responsible for “linking Islam with terrorism,” when actually the ones doing that linking are the jihadis. The objective is to intimidate non-Muslims into thinking that it is “bigoted” and “hateful” to discuss the Islamic motives and goals of jihadis, much less to resist them -- so that those jihadis can do their work unopposed and unimpeded.

In the same way, when Conan O’Brien calls attention, in the most light-hearted and glancing way, to the reality of Muslim polygamy, the attention of the fatuous and self-important Left (but I repeat myself) focuses not on the oppression of women under Islamic law, but on Conan O’Brien as “Islamophobic.” The lesson has been reinforced so relentlessly and repeatedly over so long a period now that neither the OIC nor any other Islamic supremacist entity has to utter a word condemning Conan O’Brien before Twitter lights up with condemnations of him from Leftist non-Muslims. They don’t have to ask their instructions anymore.