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4 CNN Liberals Walk into a Bar... and Defend Gun Rights?


Wendell Pierce blamed the gun lobby for inciting fear and increasing gun sales.

Bourdain said, “There are people on the left as well. People tend to get shrieky when something awful happens.”

Pierce (not to be confused with CNN gun-grabber Piers Morgan) told the group that he had been tempted to buy a gun. “Listen, I don’t own a gun but the discourse got so crazy in California at one point after one of the last shootings that I wanted to go out and buy a gun. They had me believing that they’re going to take away guns so much that I’m going to have to go out and get one — I probably should go out and get one before…”

Lemon added that illegal gun owners on the street “aren’t going to go for background checks. They’re not going to do — they’re going to get guns illegally and they’re just going to buy them.”

Bourdain said we need to find common ground and suggested we could agree on limiting straw buyers. “If we just stop talking about every gun owner like they’re an extremist, a lunatic, necessarily right wing. ... I don’t think we’re doing ourselves or anybody any good."

He asked his guests if they would own a gun if they lived in Montana.

Lemon said, “Absolutely.”

Choi, who had already said he has been a lifelong gun owner, said, “Yeah, I probably would and go through a background check, though.”

Even Pierce admitted, “I would definitely own a gun if I lived in Montana.”

Lemon added, “I don’t know if I would own a gun living in the city, but yeah, absolutely if I lived in Montana. Why not?”

(Might I suggest that Lemon look up the crime statistics in “the city” and Montana?)