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So What's Your Problem? Why Aren't You a Republican Yet?

Last November, after the defeat of Mitt Romney, I decided to stop being an "independent Tea Party conservative" and formally declare myself a Republican, committed to reforming the GOP, and returning it to its anti-slavery roots. I'm a Frederick Douglass Republican.

I wrote about it here, providing 3 primary reasons for my change in party affiliation:

1. Today I’m joining the Republican Party because I recognize that it’s not enough to take back the culture. We could spend four years pushing the culture and expanding the base and then it would be all for naught because incompetent GOP campaign operatives cannot run a campaign.

2. Today I’m joining the Republican Party because over the coming years as ideological factions compete for influence the antisemitic elements within the party — Ron Paul’s Paleo-Libertarian, Old Right, Anarcho Capitalist, Conspiracy Theory cult coalition — threaten to gain greater influence.

3. Today I’m join joining the Republican Party because as I’ve returned to Bible-based religion and a faith in God during the past year I’ve come to understand the story of the ancient Israelites rebelling against slavery and idolatry as the basis for Western Civilization, our ancestors’ flight from Europe, and the founding of this nation. The Republican Party was founded as the anti-slavery Party. It still is today.

So Michael, my question to you: having cast off your allegiance to the Democratic Party, why have you not yet picked up your trunk and joined us? Remember, Ronald Reagan was originally a New Deal Democrat too. Hat tip Ed Driscoll:

- David