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Richest Americans Are Going 'Conservative' with Car Purchases


The Usual Suspects:

The "Executive Taxi": Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Why it isn't surprising:

The E-class is mid-level and seems to be the "go-to" for professionals, retirees, and executives who want a solid, luxury sedan.

The Silicon Valley Home-girl: Tesla Model S

Why it isn't surprising:

Several of the U.S.'s richest neighborhoods are located in California--specifically Silicon Valley.  It makes sense that the Californians will want the coolest electric vehicle out there.  The fact that it's "home-grown" is probably another lure.  Too bad it doesn't come in shades of the Californian sunset.


When one pictures the 1% as car buyers, we need to think American, entry-level luxury, and below a $71,000 price tag instead of super car exotics. What does this mean for the automotive market?  Are wealthy Americans playing to their more conservative side when purchasing a vehicle?  (Is this the recession talking or just good money sense?)  Could the wealthiest Americans be losing interest in super-luxury brands or are some of the mid-market and traditional luxury brands just "doing it better" these days?  Leave a comment--I would like to know what you think!