Richest Americans Are Going 'Conservative' with Car Purchases


They're buying WHAT?

BMW 3-Series

This BMW model is understandably popular in the U.S. because it's entry-level, yet has that BMW je ne sais quoi.  However, I'm surprised that some of the wealthiest Americans are purchasing this vehicle over both the 6 and 7-series vehicles.  MarketWatch lists the 3-series as being most popular in the Coral Gables, Florida area--which is full of retirees.  Although a great BMW, it's not one of the "usual suspects" when you think of retirees looking for cars that have luxury, comfort, and space.

Ford F-Series

Why it's surprising:

It's surprising because you picture the very wealthy in black, luxury sedans.  I know, I know, wealthy, RUGGED Americans need their vehicle too.  I'm just happy it's an American brand.