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The Miami Dolphins: A Soap Opera for Football Fans

Incognito & Martin at Spring Workouts Incognito & Martin at spring workouts

While other Dolphins players had nice things to say about Incognito, rumors persist that Incognito's indefinite suspension will lead to a dismissal.

[Head Coach Joe] Philbin didn’t need a review to part ways with Incognito, however. The batch of messages provided to the team was enough to make up his mind.

“He’s done,” a ranking club source said Monday. “There are procedures in place, and everyone wants to be fair. The NFL is involved. But from a club perspective, he’ll never play another game here.”

Incognito's troubled history includes dismissals from two different college teams for fighting and partying, verbal altercations with NFL coaches, and winning the title Dirtiest Player in the NFL in a 2009 Sporting News reader survey -- which he called a "badge of honor." (In a laughable irony, he appears in the team's video urging fans to behave in a civilized manner.) And apparently, Incognito has a reputation with members of the press and other members of the Dolphins organization as being a bully.

Meanwhile, over at CBS, Jason LaCanfora paints an ugly picture of Incognito. He says...Incognito likes to intentionally walk into people, make "others feel uncomfortable and make threatening remarks" to Martin.

Philbin has promised to cooperate with the Dolphins organization as well as with the NFL "[e]ven if it costs him his job, which is a possibility." Time will tell how this story will play out, but in the meantime, one can't help but hope that the issues between Martin and Incognito are not merely the tip of an iceberg.


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