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An Unlikely Canadian Hero's Tale of Non-Violent Defiance

Christie Blatchford's book about this disgraceful state of affairs, Helpless, finally brought it to the public eye.

Most mainstream media ignored this near-decade of vicious violence and flagrant lawbreaking, all because the perpetrators were natives and the victims were overwhelmingly white.

Now Gary McHale himself has released a book about his travails in Caledonia.

Victory in the No-Go Zone is more than just one man's recollections about a shameful time in some foreign country's history.

All conservatives and libertarians, especially those who turn up their noses at "direct action" and street level protests, should read this book.

Calling McHale "Michael Moore's good twin," reviewer Janice Fiamengo writes:

McHale gave himself body and soul to the cause: he lived and breathed Caledonia for the next seven years, enduring significant hardship as a result. He was arrested nine times, was held in jail overnight without charge, had his named smeared repeatedly in the mainstream media, was harassed and beaten by Native protesters, lost his life savings, had to defend himself against a 7.1 million dollar lawsuit launched against him by the OPP, was charged with a made-up crime in order to keep him out of Caledonia, and experienced on a daily basis the world-turned-upside-down reality of a politically correct organization in which race determined who could commit crime with impunity and whose suffering was of no account. (...)

His character as a man of God, and as someone who has thought through his own principles and convictions and believes in himself whatever the whole world tells him, colours every page and makes his book an inspiring document of perseverance and integrity.

It should be read by all concerned Canadians, not only as a civic duty but also as a warning and a preparation for what we may all face in the future.