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An Unlikely Canadian Hero's Tale of Non-Violent Defiance

Folks from the U.S., Israel, and European countries have asked me if what they've heard about Caledonia can possibly be true:

"How could such things go on in Canada, of all places, in the 21st century?"

Sadly, it's all true, and possibly worse than they know...

On February 28, 2006, a group of Native protestors from the Six Nations occupied the Douglas Creek Estates housing development in the small community of Caledonia, Ontario. Worried about the bad press they could receive if they forcibly removed and charged the illegal protestors—who would be joined, over the next weeks and months, by armed Mohawk Warriors, union organizers, pro-Palestinian activists, and drug- and people-smugglers from across the continent—the police failed to act on several court orders to remove them.

By the time they did make their move two months later, the occupiers' numbers and resolve had increased to such an extent that they were able to fight off the police, in the process injuring three officers. From that point on, chaos came to Caledonia, with the highway dug up, hydro towers cut down, fires set on private property, a bridge burnt down, the power station firebombed, objects hurled onto a road from an overpass, numerous death threats issued, police officers assaulted and held hostage, and residents and reporters, including an elderly white couple and an 86-year-old war veteran, harassed, swarmed, and beaten up (...)

The [Ontario provincial] McGuinty government tried to buy peace by purchasing Douglas Creek Estates and authorizing the violent protestors to live there for free (at taxpayers' expense), but the mayhem merely escalated as protestors fought amongst themselves and with the community.

One homeowner was attacked by an Indian and left permanently brain damaged.

The Indian received only two years in prison. Because he's an Indian.

Gary McHale and other counterprotesters were arrested for... carrying Canadian flags while walking on a public road.

Oh, and then there's this: