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Full Exposure and Public Masturbation? Librarian Warns Don't Do That Again


This installment is part of an ongoing investigation into the Orland Park Public Library in Illinois and the availability of pornography with the consent of library policy. The investigation headed up by writers and Illinois residents Megan Fox and Kevin DuJan has found dangers to women and children posed by the people who access pornographic sites in public. We intend to demonstrate by example how to identify, target and change problems in your community and show what two people with a bulldog attitude can accomplish against even the most entrenched government entities.

Part 1: Staff Response to Sex Crime Reported at Orland Park Public Library: 'He Doesn't Mean Anything'

Part 2: After She Reports Public Masturbation, Library Staff Moves Woman to Different Computer

The following internal "Incident Report" reveals that a man was witnessed "fully exposed" and masturbating. A staff member of Orland Park Public Library tells him he will be "banned from the library on second occurrence." (Emphasis mine.)

august doc 1august doc 2august doc 3The next document reveals that Library Director Mary Weimar knows staff acted inappropriately and should have called police. FOIA requests are still pending to find out if Weimar called police after the fact. This document suggests Weimar had contact with the perpetrator again and tossed him out of the library for the incident that happened on August 20, 2009, but there is no internal document showing that Weimar called the police to report him.

august doc 4