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The Ten Worst Purveyors of Antisemitism Worldwide, #6: The Jobbik Party

On October 1 Israeli finance minister Yair Lapid addressed the Hungarian parliament. Although his talk in the above video runs to over eleven minutes, there is never a dull moment. Among other things, Lapid tells the story of his father, the late Israeli journalist and politician Yosef (“Tommy”) Lapid, who survived the Holocaust as a boy in Budapest.

In his talk Yair Lapid never explicitly mentions Jobbik, whose MPs are presumably taking in the words of the Zionist conqueror. But Lapid does refer to “horror spirits of the past,” and to “the hope that something has changed in human society and the fear that nothing has changed and the demons still live among us.”

“Horror spirits” sounds like an allusion to Jobbik’s forebears the Arrow Cross, the Hungarian fascist movement that perpetrated or assisted the German Nazis in the annihilation or deportation of tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews, and whose murder victims included Jews in hospitals and orphanages.

Indeed, the “demons still live among us.” Jobbik’s 17 percent of the vote makes it considerably the most popular of the three neo-Nazi movements—the others are Greece’s Golden Dawn and Ukraine’s Svoboda—to have entered European parliaments in recent years. Time will tell whether Hungary can resist this tide and not flow with it.