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My 5 Favorite Ann Coulter Columns


4. Negroes With Guns (April 18, 2012)

Runner-up: The Left's Continuing War on Women

The idea here is simple: "gun control is always a scheme of the powerful to deprive the powerless of the right to self defense." Contrary to popular belief that everything liberal should be blamed on the hippies, gun control dates back to the post-Civil War era. "Gun control laws were original promulgated by Democrats to keep guns out of the hands of blacks." Over the next century, every time a Klansman Democrat came into political power, "gun control laws would suddenly appear on the books." Hence, Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s application for a gun permit was denied in 1950s Alabama. Again, contrary to popular narrative, the NRA was the one organization that granted charters to "blacks who sought to defend themselves from Klan violence." No wonder the Democrats hate the NRA.

 3. Like, Is Sarah Palin Totally Conceited? (September 15, 2010)

I am an unabashed fan of the "beauteous" (as Ann calls her) Sarah Palin and will take any sexist remarks from her detractors as further evidence of the brilliance of Republican women.

In her column, Ann rips on Vanity Fair writer Michael Gross, who somehow crafted an article out of a conversation with "an unnamed bellman at an unnamed Midwestern hotel" who claims not to have been tipped by the Palins. "Also fantastic is Gross's conspiracy theory on why no one in Alaska will talk to him about Palin. ...It's me, Michael Gross from Manhattan! Everyone in Alaska should want to hang with me!" It is a column that illustrates exactly how easily level-headed, luminous Republicans can drive liberals into becoming "paranoids." Point taken.