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Must Dr. Jekyll Eliminate Mr. Hyde in the GOP?


Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and a handful of others propose nothing less than a grassroots revolution to overturn the way business is conducted in Washington. Cruz told CNN's Candy Crowley:

I'm convinced there's a new paradigm in politics that actually has Washington very uncomfortable. It has politicians in both parties very uncomfortable. And that new paradigm is the rise of the grassroots, the ability of grassroots activists to demand of their elected officials they do the right thing. And I believe if we see a grassroots tsunami, that is going to cause Republicans and Democrats to listen to the people.

Cruz, like Tea Party supporters and libertarians and many others across the country who are tired of the government meddling in every aspect of their lives, wants to restore the authority of the people and decentralize the power of the federal government. The central planners and statists will necessarily be the losers in this grassroots revolution.

The differences between the two wings of the party could not be more stark --  and they're seemingly irreconcilable. The Jekyll and Hyde beast the GOP has become cannot endure except as a perpetually weak, ineffective runner-up.

There is a reason millions of Americans supported the Cruz/Lee effort — and it’s not because we were “incited (or threatened) by advocacy groups.” I believe, as Cruz said, that there is a grassroots tsunami rumbling beneath the surface of this country. I feel it. I hear it from people every day. Just like the elephants who warned of the impending tsunami in Sri Lanka, so we are warning the political class that a liberty revolution, empowered by We the People, is coming. As we've grown weary of the weight of the soft tyranny of the last several decades, a soft revolution of liberty has grown. What will the GOP establishment do with this grassroots revolution?

Bauman says that those in the establishment wing "have alienated their only means to victory by failing to fight for their conservative base and its ideas. They fight against them and do to them what the Democrats themselves would love to do: marginalize the Tea Party."

Jekyll is trying to kill Hyde (or is it the other way around?). Millions of disheartened conservatives may bolt from the Republican Party if it continues.