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A Year of 13 Weeks


No, seriously, that's what I've learned -- that it's complicated.

Let's talk about the weight issue first. I lost about 25 pounds very quickly on the severely carb-restricted diet and then plateaued hard, losing only about another 5 pounds over the next 20 or so weeks.

During the plateau, I started having hypoglycemic episodes. One of those was while I was driving, which was unpleasant. I've added some "slow" carbs -- that is, low glycemic index -- and hadn't been having the hypoglycemic episodes any longer. That diet didn't seem to make a whole lot of difference on the weight either, though.

Adding the probiotic seems to have made a significant difference, reducing the remaining GERD and IBS symptoms, reducing my blood sugar, and resulting in losing another 8 or so pounds.

I've also had a number of readers who have tried some of these same techniques, or reported their results having done similar changes. Some of them had very good results, some have had good results followed by a plateau, and some haven't seen any significant changes at all.