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4 Kitchen Items That Will Get You Ready For Holiday Cooking

3. Escali Primo Digital Multifunctional Scale 

Escali Scale


To many cooking it is all about instinct and feel; a pinch of this, a dash of that and a few other things thrown into the mix. This is why many chefs hate making dessert - it's a whole other animal; and while scooping and leveling ingredients may suffice, exact measurements can be what makes the difference between a deliciously dense brownie and a dry and crumbly one.

The Escali Primo digital scale has been with me for years. Requiring only 2 AA batteries, it measures in ounces and pounds but can be switched over to grams and kilos with the touch of a button. Another helpful feature is its 'zero' function, that allows you to cancel out the last thing you weighed and add more ingredients, making it a  great time saver. Oh yes, this is also great for portion control, if you're anything like me and never hit the gym.

Pros: It has a lifetime warranty and comes in twelve different colors to match your decor.

Cons: This is a small scale, so don't expect to be able to weigh the meat that you got from the butcher to make sure you didn't get duped.