5 Reasons Men Cheat

Bad relationship

5) His relationship is a disaster

We all know people whose relationship is dead on arrival, but they're still together for the kids, financial reasons, fear of change, habit, worries about their reputation; they don't believe in divorce, etc., etc. So, the man is in a relationship that may be miserable or at least stagnant and he has very little hope that it's going to get better. He doesn't feel admired, intimate, passionate, or deeply in touch with his partner -- but he still wants all of those things in his life. So, if he finds a woman who offers him the emotional connection that he's missing, his heart (and his head) is going to drift towards her. Every man wants to be built up, stimulated, and admired. If he’s not getting that out of the relationship he's in, then his eye and his heart are going to start to wander.


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