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Could We Restore America if Jews and Christians Accepted a Hyphenated Jesus?


Boteach suggests that Christianity lost its cultural influence with our preoccupation with gay marriage and abortion. While the point can be argued that those battles are right and needed, we have to acknowledge that somewhere along the line we lost a lot of territory.

What's worse, we flat out failed to show up on other major fronts.

At a time when the world flails in search of values, strangled by materialism, divisiveness, instability, doubt, and unrest, we must return to the basic ideals we share in common. All of these are to be found in the life and lessons of Jesus of Nazareth, lover of Israel, rebel against Rome, Jewish hero, and the inspiration for innumerable acts of Christian charity.

The author has gone to great lengths to point out that Jesus was in fact an observant Jew, one whose life of walking in righteousness (whether you believe him to be the son of God or not) is worth emulating. Jesus of Nazareth will forever bind us together.

We can spend a lot of time arguing about differences, using that hyphen to divide us. Or we can choose to embrace it, to forgive the hurts of the past and face the future united. As Americans we face real enemies, both cultural and physical.

Isn't it time we stopped trying so hard to simply make a point, and give our lives as Jesus did, to make a difference?




Photo credits Shutterstock,  Carlo Toffolo