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Ignorance Of Dietary Laws Is No Excuse. You'll Still Suffer The Consequences.


If God is indeed the creator of the universe, and I believe He is, then scientific understanding should expound on the truth of His laws. In digging into The Maker's Diet, I'm not looking to embrace --or sell you on--another diet program with the stamp of religion on it. Rather, to look closely at another man's journey and discovery of those long ago -- all but lost for most of us -- laws of the Creator.

In How These 3 Simple Principles of a Judeo-Christian Diet Saved My FamilyI wrote about the health crisis that served as a catalyst for our transformation.

This week's reading of Jordan S. Rubin's The Maker's Diet, uncovered this small clip that summarized the heart of what we discovered that September. Rubin packed a lot of truth on this page that I really think we should take the next couple of weeks to unpack.

"The laws of God are enforced and are as sure as the law of gravity."

We know these laws are enforced by the ill consequences of obesity, deterioration and disease, just as the law of gravity is enforced by the splat on the ground.

Once the law of gravity was discovered and understood, it was not only obeyed but also harnessed for our betterment. That is exactly what we want to do here.

We've all felt the consequences for our dietary actions. It's time we learned the rules.

Have you ever found something in the Bible, you knew was so far advanced, perhaps just now scientifically explained -- that it removed all doubt it was God?

Join the conversation and the journey with me. Order The Maker's Diet here.