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What Would Jesus Really Do? Fight Evil? Or Turn the Other Cheek?


Evil is an enemy that must be confronted and fought. Jesus never asked us to turn the other cheek when faced with the likes of evil. Wickedness, and wicked men, we are told to stay far from. They will see destruction. Wickedness produces evil. Jews and Christians alike are called to protect innocence against injustice and the wicked.

Boteach's description of a messiah is someone that will rescue another from oppression and end war by fighting for peace.

Living as a messiah means you've been called upon. Jesus certainly heard that call, and all of us should live by his example-- confronting the world as though God has chosen us as His champion, to redeem mankind from evil. If we all lived in this spirit, it would be a far better world.

This is a Jewish messiah. As a Christian, I see Jesus as the messiah and savior. I can't emulate Christ by feeding the multitudes with a few loaves of bread. Nor can I make the blind see. I can't follow him with my own death on a cross.

So how can I follow him? Love God, love people -- resist and fight real evil. In this, both Christians and Jews alike can follow Jesus.

What do you think Jesus would do in  Syria or Jerusalem  today? 


Photo credit Shutterstock,  jerryjoz

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